The Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group is based at Oxford University in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. The group was established in 1995 and now manages a portfolio of over 150 intervention reviews and around 20 reviews focused on diagnostic test accuracy.

Our remit includes both global cognitive impairment and focal cognitive impairments occurring in the context of brain disease. Many of our reviews are concerned with dementia. However, our remit also extends to mild cognitive impairment; non-specific, age-associated cognitive impairment; delirium (primarily in older people; delirium in critically ill patients in intensive care units is covered by the Anaesthesia, Critical and Emergency Care Group); and the chronic effects of brain injury (acute effects are covered by the Injuries Group). We are also concerned, sometimes in collaboration with other relevant Cochrane Groups, with cognitive impairment occurring as a complication of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, Parkinson's disease and HIV infection.

As well as publishing systematic reviews, we also maintain ALOIS - a comprehensive register of trials in dementia, mild cognitive impairment and cognitive enhancement in healthy older people.