European Delirium Society Annual meeting questionnaire results

European Delirium Society Annual meeting, Edinburgh 2019 questionnaire responses

Which existing Cochrane delirium titles should we prioritise for updates?

  1. Non-pharmacological interventions to treat delirium in hospital (non-ICU)
  2. Non-pharmacological interventions to prevent delirium in hospital (non-ICU)
  3. Interventions to prevent delirium in institutional care
  4. Antipsychotics to treat delirium in hospital (non-ICU)
  5. Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) for the diagnosis of delirium
  6. Benzodiazipines to treat delirium in hospital (non-ICU)
  7. Cholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment of delirium in non-ICU setting

Which methods should our future reviews focus on?

  1. Clinical trials of delirium interventions (non-drug)
  2. Studies of factors that predict delirium outcomes (prognostic research)
  3. Clinical trials of delirium interventions (drugs)
  4. Test accuracy reviews
  5. Qualitative reviews 

New titles to prioritise (anything getting more than one vote below)

  1. Short screening test accuracy (most votes)
  2. NMA of various interventions to prevent or treat
  3. Optimal place of care, visiting hours, ward lighting, volunteers
  4. Delirium as risk factor for dementia
  5. Effect of withdrawal of ‘delirogenic meds’
  6. Effects of melatonin
  7. Management of acute behavioural disturbance in ED
  8. Delirium at end of life 

Any other comments

  1. Need more care-home research
  2. Involve families, care-givers
  3. Need more focus on harms of interventions
  4. There are very few good RCTs of treatment, so reviews unhelpful
  5. Something on ward staff education