OPSYRIS questionnaire results

OPSYRIS (Organisation for Psychological Research in Stroke)  Annual meeting, Oxford 2019 questionnaire responses

Which existing Cochrane vascular cognitive impairment titles should we prioritise for updates?

  1. Antithrombotics for preventing VCI
  2. Antithrombotics for preventing cognitive decline in people with VCI
  3. Cholinesterase inhibitors for VCI
  4. Cerebroloysin for VCI
  5. Acupuncture for VCI

Which methods should our future reviews focus on ?

  1. Comparative reviews of treatment interventions (including NMA)
  2. Comparative reviews of preventative interventions (including NMA)
  3. Prognosis reviews
  4. Test accuracy reviews
  5. Qualitative reviews

Which non-VCI titles should be updated 

  1. Cognitive  stimulation in dementia
  2. Antihypertensive withdrawal   
  3. Hospital design for people with dementia
  4. Computerised cognitive training in dementia
  5. Dietary interventions in dementia
  6. Noninvasive brain stimulation
  7. Montreal cognitive assessment for diagnosis dementia
  8. Traditional Chinese medicine 

New titles to prioritise (anything getting more than one vote below) 

  1. Short cognitive screening tests for diagnosis or to aid referral
  2. Care-givers support
  3. Longer term outcomes following stroke