Feedback about reviews

Amendments to titles of diagnostic test accuracy reviews

The titles of several of our diagnostic test accuracy reviews of brief cognitive tests and informant questionnaires (Mini-Cog, MMSE, MOCA and IQCODE) were amended in June 2021 to make it clearer that the reviews did not intend to imply that such screening tests alone can be used to make a diagnosis of dementia or any subtype of dementia. Although the text of all reviews accurately described the use of these tests in the diagnostic pathway for dementia, feedback had been received from a group of dementia researchers expressing concern that the titles of the reviews implied the use of short screening tests alone to make a diagnosis of dementia or a dementia subtype (Alzheimer’s disease). In order to clarify that this was not the case, changes were made by the Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group (CDCIG) in conjunction with the Cochrane Mental Health and Neuroscience Network and the review authors. Further changes were made to the text of some reviews to ensure consistency of wording between the title and other summary sections of the review (e.g. the objectives, the titles of plain language summaries and the headings of summary of findings tables). The correspondence between the researchers who submitted the comments and the CDCIG editorial team is available in full here.