Peer review

Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement group operates a named (open) peer review process in accordance with Cochrane peer review policy.

If you would like to be an external reviewer for our protocols and reviews, please contact Sue Marcus our Managing Editor ( to let us know your particular area/s of interest/expertise. We will provide you with a checklist/guide to help you make your comments. The time frame for returning comments to us is 3 weeks.

We are also interested in hearing from non-experts to act as consumer reviewers. You can find out more about this from the Cochrane Consumer Network.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all our peer reviewersnamed below and those who wished to remain anonymous:

Angela  Aldin, Stuti Dang, Fergus Doubal, Valentina Echeverria Moran, Kieran Egan, Helmet Frohnhofen, Cath Hofstetter (consumer reviewer), Susan Hunter, Jill Manthorpe, Peter Langhorne, Andrew Larner, Kate Laver, Ralph Möhler, Anne Marie Mork Rokstad, Caryl Nowson, Stella O’Brien (consumer reviewer), Daniel O’Connor, Elaine Perry, Nic Perry, Dimity Pond, Janice Ranson, Michal Rolinski, Dallas Seitz, Alison Yarnall

Dag Aarsland, Angela Aldin, Kenneth Boockvar, Noll Campbell, Alan Cassels, Edwin Chan, Charlie Cheung, Tom Dening, Richard Dodel, Tim Donovan, Eamonn Eeles, Chris Fox, Cath Hofstetter, Giorgio Karam, Andis Klegiris, Andrew Larner, Stephen Makin, Gwen McGhan, Stella O’Brien, Guy Peryer, Ruth Peters, Dimity Pond, Suzanne Schindler, Susan Shenkin, Alina Solomon, Cathy Stinear, Claire Surr, Mara ten Kate, Charlotte Teunissen, Catherine Travers, Sarah Ward, Tom Welsh, Alison Yarnall

Dag Aarsland, Azmil Abdul-Rahim, Kenneth Boockvar, Jenni Burton, Elzbieta Campos, Edwin Chan, Charlie Cheung, Nele Demeyere, Parastou Donyai, Eamonn Eeles, Andrew Ford, Serge Gauthier, Hsin hao Chen, Cath Hofstetter, Harriet Hunt, Seb Koehler, Andrew Larner, Gabriel Leger, Thomas Leyhe, Gad A Marshall, Donovan Maust, Steve Milan, Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska, Caryl Nowson, Neil O’Connell, Niamh O’Regan, Nic Perry, Dimity Pond, Asta Prajapati, Louise Robinson, Tom Russ, Patricia Schofield, Susan Shenkin, Sandra Sunram-Lea, Catherine Travers, Magda Tsolaki, Katherine Wild, Alison Yarnall