Searching for studies

The CDCIG Specialized Register is part of the CENTRAL database (search the Cochrane Library with the expression "SR-Dementia") which is available to all review authors with access to The Cochrane Library. Searches for reviews which fall within the scope of our Register are done by the Information Specialist at the Editorial base; searches for reviews outside the scope of the Register are generally carried out by the authors themselves with assistance of the Information Specialist when required. 

Additional search strategies

Review authors are expected to search the citations in relevant reviews for additional trials. Citations in each trial report are searched for additional trials at the editorial base as and when we obtain copies of trials.

Study selection

CDCIG recommends that selection of studies for inclusion in a review is done independently by at least two review authors using Covidence software. Differences in study selection between reviewers should be resolved by discussion until consensus can be reached, or by consulting a third party.